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The Bridgewater PCYC Judo Club is hosting its annual competition on Sunday 24th of September. Please see flyer below fur further details.

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The schedule for the Australian Masters Games Judo Competition is out! Saturday 21st of October competition will begin.
See photos for times, also there will be a Celebration of Judo that evening after the competition.
In celebrating the Masters Games and Judo, the club will be hosting a function with invitations extended to anyone who has trained or competed in Judo. It would be great to see current and past members of the judo family in attendance. This will provide an opportunity to catch up, tell some stories and relive past glories. Please bring any photos or judo memorabilia you may have. Partners are most welcome.

· Venue – River Arms Ulverstone (Bottom Bar)
· Time 6.30 pm – 10:00pm
If you need any further information contact Chris on 0417 315 600.

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There will be a grading for Juniors & Seniors on 26th & 27th of September. This event will be held at the Ulverstone Judo Club, Flora Street, West Ulverstone.
Please see flyers for further details.

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State Training for the 2018 National Championships commences at the Launceston Uni Dojo on Sunday 15th of October & Sunday 26th of November.
Please see flyer for further details.

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The 2017 Tasmanian State Judo Team:
Joshua Smith – Bridgewater PCYC Judo Club
Luke Press – Clarence PCYC Judo Club

Addison Carroll – Devonport Judo Club
Lincoln Hillier – Devonport Judo Club
Liam Brown – Devonport Judo Club
Bailey Palmer – Devonport Judo Club
Nathan Brain – Devonport Judo Club
Gillian Brain – Devonport Judo Club
Taylah Hayes – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Ben Spinks – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Phoebe Gosnell – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Jake Hitchens – Kugatsu Judo Club
Loki Myatt – Kugatsu Judo Club
Christopher Webb – Ulverstone Judo Club
Ethan Von Bibra – Ulverstone Judo Club
Zane Slatter – Ulverstone Judo Club
Priscus Fogagnolo – UTAS Judo Club
Ben Moell – UTAS Judo Club
Liam Carlington – UTAS Judo Club
Priscus Fogagnolo – State Coach
Terry Von Bibra – State Coach
Toni Clark – State Team Manageress
Terry Hjort – State Team Manager

This years Nationals will be held at the Gold Coast Queensland from 9th – 12th of June.