A club maybe an incorporated entity, a registered business or operate under the auspice of a legal entity. When becoming affiliated a club agrees that all members will be registered with Judo Tasmania; adhere to all relevant rules, by-laws and directions of Judo Tasmania; and will implement all technical standards and policies of Judo Tasmania.

For the Registration of a new Judo Club in Tasmania please supply the following: 

1.            Constitution & Incorporation entity; or proof of a legal entity.

2.            Submit to Judo Tasmania the above documentation and the annual Affiliation fee of $300.

3.           A list of prospective members who can register online [RevSport] and/or existing members who wish to transfer.



Send Club information sheet and copy of the constitution to:

Natalie Clark (Secretary, Judo Tasmania)
Mobile:   0418 335 857

Send a list of prospective members and a copy of Club information sheet with Affiliation fee to:

Garth Morley (Treasurer) 95 Mt Stuart Rd, Mt Stuart TAS 7000
Mobile 0417 503 515

LINK: Club Affiliation Form 02 2020 PDF