UTAS –University of Tasmania Judo Club facilities are based at the Unigym Hobart at 3 Grace Street, Sandy Bay.

The Judo Club was established in April 1954 and became a member of Sports Council in May of that year.  There were several instructors in the early years, including Lyall Bradshaw, Faye Williams, Noel Williams, Graham Newbury and Maurice Appleyard. From 1964 until 1969, the instructor was Jeff Pitcher. Tim Waters became the main instructor until 1978. Instruction was passed to Ken Walker, then Michael Briers and for a short period in the late 1980’s (after Walker and Briers had moved interstate), judo instruction was provided on a shared basis, between Maurice Appleyard, Robert Wedd and Pat Rafferty. Milos Kovacik arrived from Sydney in 1990, and took over the instruction of the club until 2012.

The university judo dojo, is, in effect, the oldest martial arts club in Tasmania, and is the oldest, continually-surviving University judo club in Australia. (Queensland Uni. pre-dates Tasmania by a year or so, but has not survived continuously since). Currently, club coaching is under the tuition of  Daniel Indyk (Nidan) and Peter Creef (Shodan).as well as Priscus Fogagnolo (Nidan) and Solomon Indyk (Shodan).

The aims of the club are to provide quality Judo instruction and coaching to university students, community students and children.

Areas covered:

  • Judo for Self Defence
  • Judo as Martial Art
  • Competition Judo

Judo can also be looked upon as an effective way to keep fit and as a good opportunity to socialise. Judo movement, when practised correctly can improve both flexibility and tone. It can also bring about many other physical and psychological benefits.

Club Details

Name: Hobart University Judo Club
Location: UniGym Hobart, 3 Grace Street, Sandy Bay
Contact: UTAS UniGym 03 6226 2084  |  Daniel Indyk  0447 668 390


Monday 6 – 7pm Kids
Monday 7 – 8.30pm advanced
Wednesday 6 – 7pm kids
Wednesday 7 – 8.30pm advanced


Daniel Indyk
A traditionally trained Judo instructor. 45 years of Judo experience including 2 years at the Kodokan Judo Institute, Japan.

Particularly interested in passing on as complete a version of Judo as possible, including antiquated and now ‘prohibited in competition’ techniques,. Although comfortable teaching competition Judo, his main Interests are Judo for Self Defence and Judo as a Martial Art.

Peter Creef
Peter’s Judo life started in 1982 whilst living in Thailand. He has been involved in the sport since that time. Having competed in Thailand, England, Australia and Japan. He is an accredited NCAS level 1 coach and has been coaching for 17 years. Peter has coached players to become Australian Judo Team members and participate a National championship level.

Priscus Fogagnolo
A Personal Trainer for more than 11 years and a professional Mixed Martial Arts competitor. A national champion in Judo (Black Belt, second Dan), Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and weightlifting experience.

Solomon Indyk
Solomon has trained in Judo for over 22 of his 26 years of age both in Australia and Japan.