Launceston University Judo Club is located at Unigym Launceston University, Brooks Road, Newnham.

Come join our fantastic team of accredited coaches, Sam, Matt, and Natalie and be part of a safe, supportive and inclusive club. Whether you are just a beginner, or coming back from some time away, we will ensure a fun and informative training session with classes offered for children and adults.

Judo is recognised as one of the safest sports for children and in recent years has become a sport that schools are now adopting for their children. Judo is great whole body exercise, that promotes flexibility, develops speed and co-ordination and improves self-confidence.

For many players, Judo is more than just self-defence or a sport – it is a social activity and a way of life. Children who learn judo, learn many life skills that will benefit them in their lives. If you are interested in learning Judo or would like information then contact us to find out more.



Club Details

Name: Launceston University Judo Club
Location: Unigym Launceston, Brooks Rd, Newnham TAS 7248
Contact: Natalie Clark  0418 335 857 or email



MONDAYS: 5.30pm – 6.45pm [Open Class]
WEDNESDAYS: 5pm – 6pm [Under 14’s], 6pm – 7.30pm [Cadets and Adults]


Club Coaches

Sam, Matt and Natalie