The University of Tasmania Judo Club was established in April 1954. Currently, club coaching is under the tuition of Mike Griffiths 3rd Dan. We welcome Judoka and new starters, juniors and seniors.
Judo is a Japanese martial art where the object is to either throw an opponent to the ground (nage-waza), immobilise an opponent with a hold (osaekomi-waza), joint lock (kansetsu-waza) or strangle (shime-waza). Judo develops strength, cardiovascular fitness, strategy and reaction time. Judo techniques are practised individually to allow students to learn important points of each technique. Techniques are also practised in Randori – free-style sparring against an opponent. Randori is one of the main forms of training.

Head coach: Mike Griffiths

Mike is a San Dan [3rd] and started Judo over 50 years ago in the UK. After a successful career in the UK with a National title to his credit he continued his career in Australia. He is a regular visitor to the Kodokan in Japan and Europe to ensure his knowledge is maintained at the highest level. In recent years has been 19 times National or Oceania Kata champion. He has represented Australia at five IJF world championships, finishing 8th in Sardinia 2017.
He has regularly represented Australia at overseas competitions and won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Judo championships. His coaching accreditation is of the highest level, holding European Judo Union (EJU) Level 5 High Performance Coaching certification. He also has a BSc (Hons.) in sports coaching from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge UK.

Club Details

Name: Hobart University Judo Club
Location: UniGym, Grace Street, Sandy Bay
Contact: 0416 220 360  |


FRIDAY – Mike Griffiths
Open session: 6pm – 7:30pm