The Hobart PCYC Judo club has been one of the longest running clubs in Tasmania, and has been housed at the Hobart PCYC since the 1960s. The judo program is run in accordance with the Australian Judo Federation (JFA), including the accrediting of instructors and grading of participants.

The club’s current head instructor is Garth Morley [shodan] who has been involved with judo for more than twenty five years. He is assisted on the mat by Chris Willings [5th Dan], Robert Wedd [4th Dan], Michael Griffiths [3rd Dan], Nick Mackey [3rd Dan] and numerous other Dan grades.

People practice judo for many different reasons such as exercise, self-defence a social activity and for many practitioners becomes a way of life. Judo is a great exercise routine, it promotes flexibility, develops speed and co-ordination and is perfect for both active boys and girls and people of all ages.

Hobart PCYC Judo Club takes students aged from 7 years and up, and is suited for those at a beginner level, right through to advanced students. It is the perfect learning environment for all ages interested in Judo, and due to its wonderful relationship with the Hobart PCYC, is able to make full use of the facilities – including the well-appointed gym and weights room.

LINK to GALLERY IMAGES: Training night with the kids and Nick Mackey and Yutaka Wakamatsu Sandan Grading.

Club Details

Name: Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Location: Hobart PCYC, 300 Liverpool Street, Hobart
Contact: Hobart PCYC 03 6230 2246  |  Garth Morley  0417 503 515


Juniors: Tuesday – 5.30 – 7.00 pm
Seniors:  Thursday 5.30 – 7.00 pm

Club Coaches: 
Chris Willing – Godan (5th)
Robert Wedd – Yondan (4th)
Michael Griffiths  – Sandan (3rd)
Nick Mackey  – Sandan (3rd)
Garth Morley – Shodan (1st)
Bruce Taylor – Shodan (1st)
Eric Philips – Shodan (1st)


Mike Griffiths

The club is currently privileged to have Mike Griffiths [third dan] in attendance. He has competed in and medaled in all the Australian masters games since 2009 and was the under 73kg Gold medalist in 2011. His main attentions at the present are Coach education and Kata study. He visits both the UK and Japan each year to further his education in each of them respectfully.

He has represented Australia at the last five World Kata Championships, 2013 Kyoto (Japan), 2014 Malaga (Spain), 2015 Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2016 Malta and 2017 (Olbia Sardinia) for Katame no Kata. His best results so far being 12th in Spain and 8th in Sardinia.

Mike also holds a European Judo Union (EJU) level 5 High Performance Coaching award. Has a BSC (Hons). in Sports Coaching (Judo) from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge UK.

Chris Willings

Former head instructor at the Hobart PCYC Judo club for a lot of years [everybody has forgotten how many]. Chris gained his 5th Dan black belt in 2006, and has been involved in judo for over 40 years. In 2008 he represented Australia with Michael Cameron in the Kata World Cup in Paris, France. Former National Champion, State Coach and Technical Board Member. Keen Interest in Kata and many technical aspects of the sport / art of judo.