AGM Notice Tasmania

Date:               Sunday 18 November 2018
Time:               10am
Location:        Zeps, 92-94 High Street, Campbell Town
All members and interested parties are invited to attend Judo Tasmania’s Annual General Meeting.
Nominations for two directors are open to all and to be submitted with skillset to by 5pm Sunday 21st October, 2018.
Please provide notices of motions by 5pm Sunday 21st October, 2018.
Enquires / nominations / motions to Ali Priestley
10.1 Annual General Meeting 
AGMs of the Association are to be held:
(a) according to the Act; and
(b) otherwise as determined by the Directors (including date and venue).
10.2 Power to convene General Meeting 
The Directors may convene a General Meeting when they think fit and must do so if required by the Act. 
(a) Voting Members may convene a General Meeting in accordance with the Act. 
10.3 Notice of General Meeting 
(a) Notice of a General Meeting of Members must be given:
(i) to all Members entitled to attend the General Meeting, the Directors, and the auditor of the Association; and
(ii) in accordance with clause 27 and the Act. 
(b) At least 45 days prior to the proposed date of the AGM, the Secretary will request from Voting Members notices of motions, which must be received no less than 28 days prior to the AGM.   At least 21 days’ notice of the time and place of a General Meeting must be given, together with:
(i) all information required to be included in accordance with the Act; 
(ii) in the case of a proposed Special Resolution, the intention to propose the Special Resolution and the terms of the proposed Special Resolution; 
 (iii) where applicable, any notice of motion received from any Voting Member or Director;
(iv) where applicable, a list of all nominations received for positions to be elected at the relevant General Meeting.

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