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Late last year the state leadership requested that JA produce a national position statement around “when an individual is required to become a member”.  I am pleased, that after significant consultation with you and key stakeholders, we have confirmed a national position statement about Individual Membership Registration.

Judo Australia
Kate Corkery – Chair

National Position Statement – Individual Membership Registration

Judo Australia (JA) is a member based organisation and it is vital that all individuals participating in affiliated Judo clubs nationally are registered as financial members. This provides financial sustainability to all three levels of the sport (National, State & Club) via the membership fee collected, which in turn allows the sport to continue being administered and developed at all levels. The other direct benefit is that the greater the number of registered members at each level, the greater the likelihood of being able to attract both additional government funding and commercial support to further develop Judo.

Another primary reason membership registration is highly important is to ensure that all individuals participating in our affiliated Judo clubs are covered under JA’s National Injury Insurance, which provides a direct benefit to all members and to all affiliated clubs.

Trial Membership
All individuals commencing participation in Judo must pre-register as a Trial Member via the national database, which provides an initial 28 day free membership registration, before being allowed onto the mat at an affiliated club. Trial membership includes coverage under JA’s National Injury Insurance. Alternatively, individuals can register immediately as a Full Member and pay the applicable membership fee.

Full Membership
All participants at affiliated Judo clubs must be registered as a Full Member with the relevant Member State within 28 days via the national database, or cease all involvement immediately. Individuals cannot receive multiple consecutive Trial Memberships.

Renewing Members
Existing registered members whose membership period is coming to an end, must renew their membership within 28 days of their previous membership period expiring via the national database. If the individual does not renew within this period, they must cease all involvement immediately and they lose all membership rights including injury insurance coverage.

Interstate Relocation
If an existing registered member relocates interstate permanently or for an expected period exceeding 12 months, they must transfer their registration to the applicable Member State within 28 days. Member State Life Members can retain their Life Membership with the relevant Member State regardless of location.

JA and Member States will regularly monitor affiliated club participation to ensure the above protocols are being followed for the benefit of Judo and safety of all participants.

PDF: National Position Statement: Individual Membership Registration

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