Coach Accreditation Framework

Judo Australia is excited to announce the launch of our new Coach Accreditation Framework (CAF). The new 4-tiered CAF has been designed to deliver effective coach development at all levels in Australia.
The CAF will replace the previous NCAS System (the Australian Sports Commission no longer uses the NCAS branding and sports can no longer use that terminology). 

I would like to thank our national working group for their contribution to developing this framework, especially Mike Griffiths (formerly from NSW, now in Tasmania) who has committed a significant amount of his time to this piece of work including development of the program content for each level.

Mike will now also take on an ongoing national CAF coordination role, working with our National Engagement Officer Sarah Quilter and Member States, to implement these programs nationally.
JA will make contact with each State individually soon, to discuss how we can best implement the first 3 levels of the CAF in each State as soon as possible.

The fourth level program, Advanced Coach, will be delivered by JA once we have a critical mass of coaches at the Senior Coach level looking to progress. This will likely occur in 2019 or early 2020.

Alex Vallentine, Judo Australia

Fact sheet and CAF Overview documents can be found on the website/resources/coaching section.

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