State Titles

I would at this point would like to offer a huge thank you on behalf of Bridgewater Judo to those referees that came along to the titles and helped make a successful day, because in the end the only ones who would miss out without our volunteers would be our competitors, the referees and those that are looking to be more involved in refereeing met with Arek Zygmunt for a briefing and I am sure we all took on board all that Arek shared with us, I think we have to agree it was a great opportunity and I for one (who does not enjoy refereeing) found Arek easy to understand and actually enjoyed having his input after refereeing some matches as I am sure others did, he also he took time out to help our club set up for titles and offered some great advice for future comps at our club so thank you again Arek.
And thank you to Theresa who has worked hard to bring this to fruition.



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