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We have three competitions coming please see flyers for dates and information.

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Our medal tally from The Australian National Judo Championships that were held in Geelong last weekend are:
Brett Boxhall Silver in Masters under 100kgs.
Jake Hitchens Silver in Kyu Grade under 100kgs & Bronze in Senior Mens under 100kgs.
Ben Moell Bronze in Kyu Grade -73kgs.
Gillian Brain Silver in Masters over 78kgs.
Ben Spinks Bronze in Cadets under 66kgs.
Zane Slatter Bronze in Junior Boys over 50kgs.
Elijah Schuurmans Gold in Senior Mens Over 100kgs.
Priscus Fogagnolo Bronze in Men’s under 90kgs.
Tyson Slatter Silver in Senior boys under 66kgs.

All our other team members who represented Tasmania, Chris Webb, Christopher Keates, Bailey Palmer, Sophie Von Bibra, Ethan Von Bibra, Zach Moody, Liam Brown, Joshua Smith, Lincoln Hillier, Piper Moody, Taylah Hayes, Addison Carroll, you all conducted yourselves fantastic and fought well, we hope to see you all again in next years National competition. And thank you to State coaches Les Vincent and Nigel Palmer.
There was no Open weight competition this year instead there …

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The Tasmanian State Team has started the National Judo Championships with a bang.

Brett Boxhall won Silver in Masters 100kg +.
Gillian Brain won Silver in Women’s Open at her first National Championships.

This year is Ben Moell’s first time competing at Nationals. Ben won Bronze in Men’s Kyu grade under 73kg.


Jake Hitchens first time competing at Nationals. Jake won Silver in Men’s Kyu grade under 100kgs.
Chris Keates fought off for Bronze in Men’s Kyu grade under 73kgs.
Chris Webb fought off for Bronze in Men’s Kyu grade under 90kgs.

This year the Australian Judo Federation has given the National Volunteer Award for Tasmania to Ulverstone member Chris Webb. For his work with the State Website & Facebook page.
 Tomorrow will see Ben Spinks, Ben Moell, Bailey Palmer, Chris Keates fight in their respective weight categories.

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The International Judo Federation toured Australia in April visiting towns and cities demonstrating Judo. Click on the link below to check out their video of the tour:

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At the recent Tasmanian State Titles, Judo Tasmania announced its State Team who will represent the State at the Australian National Championships. The National Championships are held in Geelong on Friday 10th – Monday 13th of June. State Coaches Nigel Palmer & Les Vincent will lead the following team at Nationals:
Christopher Keates – Bridgewater Judo Club
Joshua Smith – Bridgewater Judo Club
Zack Moody – Bridgewater Judo Club
Piper Moody – Bridgewater Judo Club
Taylah Hayes – Bridgewater Judo Club
Gillian Brain – Devonport Judo Club
Bailey Palmer – Devonport Judo Club
Liam Brown – Devonport Judo Club
Lincoln Hillier – Devonport Judo Club
Addison Carroll –  Devonport Judo Club
Priscus Fogagnolo – HTC
Ben Moell – HTC
Benjamin Spinks – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Jake Hitchens – Kugatsu Judo Club
Elijah Schuurmans – Kugatsu Judo Club
Brett Boxhall – Ulverstone Judo Club
Chris Webb – Ulverstone Judo Club
Sophie Vonbibra – Ulverstone Judo Club
Tyson Slatter – Ulverstone Judo Club
Eathan Von Bibra – Ulverstone Judo Club
Zane Slatter – Ulverstone Judo Club

Bridgewater Members in State Team:
Back …