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Nationals – less than a week June 4, 2018

Nationals – less than a week

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  Less than a week to go! We hope you’ve all trained hard and are feeling ready for next weekend. We’ve got […]

Launceston University Dojo May 27, 2018

Launceston University Dojo

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Today was the last training session at the Launceston University Dojo before the Nationals. Best of luck to all team members. Photo […]

Coach Accreditation Framework May 23, 2018

Coach Accreditation Framework

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Judo Australia is excited to announce the launch of our new Coach Accreditation Framework (CAF). The new 4-tiered CAF has been designed to […]

Don’t Forget your registration

Remember you need to be a registered member of the Judo Federation of Australia Tasmania for gradings and entry into official competitions.
Please find a handy link to the Judo Federation Online Membership Portal.