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[15 Apr 2018 | No Comment | 48 views]

VENUE: Bridgewater PCYC  
LOCATION: 22-24 Green Point Road, Bridgewater
CONDITION FOR PARTICIPATION: Current State Registration is required.
• 8yrs and under: 9.15am
• Junior boys/girls 9yrs & under 12yrs: 9.15am
• Senior boys/girls 12yrs & under 15yrs: 9.30am
• Cadets M/F 15/16/17yrs: 9.45am
• Junior M/W 18/19/20yrs: 10.30am
• Seniors M/W: 10.30am
START TIME: 10.00/10.30am
20 point system will apply for 8yrs and under ONLY
COST (Competitors): Juniors: 16yrs and under $20 / Seniors: 17yrs and older $30
COST (Spectators): Gold coin donation
• Canteen will operate
• Referees and table officials needed on the day
• Any judoka wishing to compete in a higher age division will be required to pay an extra half entry fee.