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[24 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 3,353 views]
A Tribute to Michael Cameron

Thank You from the Camerons

The Cameron Family have sent the members of the Judo Federation of Tasmania a card of thanks for the many condolences of sympathy they received after the passing of Michael. The text is typed out below, or to read it, just click on the image for an enlarged version.
The love and support we have received strengthens and helps to heal the sadness through knowing that others care.
We can’t feel saddened over the loss of those we love without first remembering the joy of knowing them. The real sadness would have been never having had them in our lives at all.
We think of Mike as living in the hearts of those he touched, for nothing loved is ever lost.
Thanks, Deb”

A Tribute to Michael Cameron

22.06.58 – 12.09.11
Sadly Michael Cameron passed away on 12.09.11.
Michael was a valued member of the Tasmanian judo family and a special friend to the Hobart PCYC Judo Club.
A few …

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[4 Jul 2010 | One Comment | 6,865 views]
Hobart PCYC Judo Club

Hobart Judo Club – The Hobart PCYC Judo club has been one of the longest running clubs in Tasmania, and has been housed at the Hobart PCYC since the 1960s. Under the tutelage of Godan Chris Willing (attained in 2006), the Hobart PCYC Judo Club has grown to include a member base of over 70 members.
Sensei Willing has been an active participant in Tasmanian and Australian judo for over 40 years, and along with Shodan Michael Cameron, represented Australia at the 2008 Kata World Cup, held in Paris. The club boasts a number of accomplished Tasmanian champion representatives, including Mollie Dabner, Ben Cameron, Lewis Willing and Sensei Willing, himself a former National champion.
Sensei Willing Sr. is also State Coach and a member of the technical board, with a a keen interest in Kata and many technical aspects of the sport / art of judo. He is NCAS accredited, and attends AIS training camps, as …

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[2 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 10,063 views]
National Kata Championships

The recent JFA National Kata Championships were a great success for our very own State Coach, Mr. Chris Willing and State President, Mr. Michael Cameron. The dynamic duo have been putting on some very fine displays of Kata, particularly Nage no Kata and Kime no Kata, and rightfully deserved the result they achieved. We hope to bring you a fuller description of their campaign shortly.