The state body for judo in Tasmania formulates policies for the conduct of judo in Tasmania, to promote, manage and conduct Judo events, competitions and championships, and helps to prepare teams and individuals for national Judo competitions. The state body is also needed to promote the sport of Judo for commercial, government and public recognition.

Mission Statement

To deliver all aspects of judo to the widest range of individuals at the highest levels of excellence through a constantly developing coach and club network to ensure maximum retention of existing members and attract new members.


A mission statement is a brief description of our fundamental purpose for those in the organisation and for the general public. It serves as a baseline for effective business planning.

Judo Tasmania Office Bearers

Appointed Positions

  • Grades Commission Chair: Mike Griffiths
  • Technical Adviser: Mike Griffiths –
  • Referee Commission: Theresa Smith, Terry Von Bibra, Jamie Dodd.
  • State Team Manager: Zach Bruce [0439 340 316]
  • State Team Manageress: Wendy Masters [0412 926 004]
  • State Head Team Coach: Michael Griffiths [0416 220 360]
  • State North Team Coach: Matt Sharman [0434 256 645] ,
    Sam Langley [0448 441 547]
  • Kata Commission: Robert Wedd
  • Coaching Accreditation – CAF Presenter: Mike Griffiths
  • Coaching Accreditation – CAF Co-ordinator/Admin: Garth Morley
  • State ASDA Contact: Theresa Smith
  • MPIO Officers: Shaun Buissink email:
    & Wendy Masters [0412 926 004]