JA Social Media Policy

Please see attached the Judo Australia (JA) Social Media Guidelines for you all to follow. This is a general social media 101 document highlighting the basics. This has been requested by you, to assist in the digital and social media space of our sport.


  • It is important not to use social media channels solely as promotional tools. There is a time and place for marketing and promotional messages.
  • Share content that is relevant to your brand or something that involves common interests.
  • Spend time in researching why you want a profile on various social media platforms and what benefits it would bring to your club. Find out which platforms your members are already on, to get an idea of what would be helpful to them.
  • Consider your resources and if you have the capacity to create and maintain multiple platforms. If not, your focus should be on mastering one social platform first before spreading yourself too thinly.
  • Social media is about quality, not quantity.

Sarah Quilter
National Engagement Officer, Judo Australia

LINK: Judo Australia Social Media Guidelines (2019) PDF

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