JA 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

On behalf of Judo Australia (JA) and our Member States we are excited to release our 2019-2022
Strategic Plan. This Plan sets an ambitious and progressive vision for our sport across the four years ahead.

At a high level the Plan comprises three key strategic pillars:

• Profile: We will enhance the Judo brand and build a sustainable national sports business
• Participation: We will make Judo more accessible, relevant and rewarding for all Australians
• Performance: We will deliver national athletes and teams that inspire and excite Australia

Within each pillar there are specific priority areas and objectives that we will work with the Board, States, Clubs and our Committees to achieve across the period of the Plan. The achievement of the outcomes in this Plan will ensure Judo in Australia is in a much stronger and more sustainable position for the future.

We have committed eight months to developing this Plan, including significant consultation and contribution between JA, our Member States, Committees and key stakeholders to ensure we delivered a robust, future focussed and ambitious Plan.

Now the real challenge begins! The success of this Plan relies upon the collaborative and unified efforts of JA, our Member States and all affiliated clubs. If we can all work together and drive Judo in the same direction, we will continue to make this great sport even stronger.
We look forward to bringing this Plan to life with you all in the years ahead. Yours in Judo

DIRECT LINK: Judo Australia 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.pdf

WEBSITE LINK [RESOURCES]: http://www.judotasmania.org.au/judo-australia/

Kate Corkery
Chair, ausjudo

Alex Vallentine
Chief Executive Officer

web admin – Judo tasmania

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