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The 2017 Tasmanian State Judo Team:
Joshua Smith – Bridgewater PCYC Judo Club
Luke Press – Clarence PCYC Judo Club

Addison Carroll – Devonport Judo Club
Lincoln Hillier – Devonport Judo Club
Liam Brown – Devonport Judo Club
Bailey Palmer – Devonport Judo Club
Nathan Brain – Devonport Judo Club
Gillian Brain – Devonport Judo Club
Taylah Hayes – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Ben Spinks – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Phoebe Gosnell – Hobart PCYC Judo Club
Jake Hitchens – Kugatsu Judo Club
Loki Myatt – Kugatsu Judo Club
Christopher Webb – Ulverstone Judo Club
Ethan Von Bibra – Ulverstone Judo Club
Zane Slatter – Ulverstone Judo Club
Priscus Fogagnolo – UTAS Judo Club
Ben Moell – UTAS Judo Club
Liam Carlington – UTAS Judo Club
Priscus Fogagnolo – State Coach
Terry Von Bibra – State Coach
Toni Clark – State Team Manageress
Terry Hjort – State Team Manager

This years Nationals will be held at the Gold Coast Queensland from 9th – 12th of June.