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State JUDO Training Day & Testing
Venue: Hobart Uni Dojo.
Date: Sunday 31st January 2016
Starting Time: 10.00am until 12.30
Mat fee: $10.00
This training is Open to all Judoka.
You are welcome to participate in the testing.
Nage-waza & Ne-waza techniques & Randori.
All Coaches input will be valued.
Please Note:
It is strongly recommended that anyone who nominated for the
state team squad must attend both the training and testing to be
considered for selection, 2016 Nationals championships.
For further information contact Les Vincent or Nigel Palmer.

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For new people interested in starting Judo or members returning to training in 2016, please see the list of clubs below:
Devonport Judo Club:
Seniors Monday 18th of January, 6pm.
Juniors Monday 8th of January, 5pm
Location: Devonport Rec Centre, Forbes St, Devonport.
Bridgewater Judo Club:
Beginners Monday 18th of January 4.30-5.30pm
Intermediates: 5.45-7pm.
Thursday Seniors and state team nominees 6.30-8pm.
Location: Bridgewater PCYC, Greenpoint Rd, Bridgewater.
Ulverstone Judo Club:
Seniors Wednesday 3rd of February 6:30pm – 8pm.
Juniors 9th of February 5-6pm.
Location: Ulverstone Rec Centre, Flora St, Ulverstone.
Hobart PCYC Judo Club:
Thursday 14th of January 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Training on Tuesday’s will recommence when school goes back.
Location: Hobart PCYC, Liverpool St,Hobart.
Hobart Uni Judo Club:
Seniors Monday 18th of January, 6:30pm, Wednesday’s 7pm.
Juniors Start first week of School term Monday & Wednesday, 6pm.
Location: 3 Grace Street, Sandy Bay.
Clarence Judo Club:
Wednesday 10th of February, 5:15pm – 7pm. Then starting the following Monday 4 – 5:30pm.
Location: 10 Scott Street, Bellerive.